Frederik Backman - A Man Called Ove (20)

Ove (pronounced “ooh-vi”) is such a delightful old grump that you fall in love with him instantly (which is the entire point of the book). It’s an ensemble book with a cast of characters and voices unique, distinct, and 21st Century. It reminded me of “Up” (a movie I love) without the talking dog.

The book has a sweetness and a thoughtfulness to it. The story of Ove and Rune and their spat over cars is one of the most intelligent arcs I’ve read in a while. The spat is mentioned throughout the book - Ove doesn’t like Rune because Rune drove a Volvo until one day he traded it for a BMW. But when it’s finally explained, there’s so much nuance to it, so much thoughtfulness of character wrapped up in one short story, that it’s like you’re reading the novel version of haiku. 

Tonally, it reminded me of Heft, which I also loved.

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