My favourite reads in 2016

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2016, there will be about 53 “read” books on my 2016 reading list. Looking back on the year, here are the books that stuck with me the most:

One Night in Winter, the quiet little book about life in Stalin’s inner circle and what happens when a group of children are suspected of committing a serious crime. The characters, the era, and the politics are woven together in a compelling way. Fiction.

Words Without Music, Philip Glass’ memoir. So much about this memoir was illuminating, but the number of years Glass spent working to support his music and the scene in NY that he came up in were standouts. I can’t imagine a scene like that rising ever again, in this post-internet age. Non-Fiction.

Creativity, Inc. This is the Pixar corporate bio book. If you like making things with other people, this book should jump to the top of your reading list. (It’s also nice to hear how some of the world’s most talented storytellers also struggled for survival.) Non-Fiction.

Peter Camenzind, the book that lasted the length of a plan ride. Hesse, always a favourite, writes of the choice between an urban life with the intelligentsia and a quieter life in the Austrian mountains. Great book. Perfect timing. Fiction.