Emily St. John Mandel - Station Eleven (E)

A post-apocalyptic book by a female author set in the Great Lakes region and focusing on a travelling band of musicians and actors. How could I not read this book? 

Favourite Quote/ Scene

This quote connects to other themes from environmental studies and history that are fascinating to me, particularly shifting baseline syndrome. People born into the post-apocalyptic world are happier because they have less understanding of what they are missing. 

“We have been lost for so long,’ ” she said, still quoting from that scene. She looked past him at the boy. The boy was staring at the gun in his hands. He was nodding, seemingly to himself. “ ‘We long only for the world we were born into.’ 

And this quote just makes me laugh:

None of the older Symphony members knew much about science, which was frankly maddening given how much time these people had had to look things up on the Internet before the world ended.



Flu wipes out most of the people on earth, along with organized society of all kinds. Collectively, much has been lost. But the other plot line - chronicling the life of actor Arthur Leander - shows that, individuals often lose/ give up a lot more during the course of a single lifetime. 

What’s Next?

I know where I want to go from here, but it’s back on my e-reader. So an interim audiobook option is needed ...