Sara Gruen - At the Water’s Edge (13)

At heart, this is a romance novel, not quite as Gothic as Rebecca and not quite as formal as a Bronte, but in that vein. What grabbed me at the outset was the dry humour. The premise itself is so absurd that there’s no way the book can ever take itself too seriously. It’s so funny that people who might not otherwise want to read a british romance novel might actually enjoy it. And the relationships are dark and twisty enough that Gone Girl lovers may find a story they enjoy, set in the hills of Scotland.

So here’s the setup: It’s New Year’s Eve 1942. Young newlyweds get drunk. The husband embarrass the father at a family party. It is decided that the only way to get back into the family’s good graces is to travel to Scotland. In the middle of the war. And find the Loch Ness Monster. 

Off go the newlyweds. Drama ensues.

I like Gruen’s writing style and totally enjoyed this book. 

What’s Next?

Something non-fiction, where I might actually learn something instead of just consuming Scotland-based fiction like it’s candy.