Simon Sinek - Start with why (14)

I listen to audiobooks when I’m riding my bike to work. Sometimes, on the long stretch of bike path near the railway path, I get going really fast. Every now and then, the wind gusts by and makes it a bit hard to hear. When I love a book, I crank the volume up so I can hear it over the wind, even though it’s too loud the rest of the time. Usually, I just miss a sentence here or there and keep riding. 

Sinek’s book is fine. It’s mostly geared towards marketing, branding, or business people thinking about how they differentiate their offering from their competitors’. There’s value in being reminded to get back to the true heart of why you do what you do.

It’s 7 years old, so it’s not Sinek’s fault that I’m reading it at a time when TED-inspired lessons about how you, too, can be a genius or be just like Steve Jobs are getting stale. But there was definitely that element. 

I liked it enough that I’d look forward to listening to it, but not enough that I’d crank the volume to drown out wind and trains. 

What’s Next?

Started an audiobook on a recent road trip - United States of Japan. Back to fiction.