Patti Smith - M Train (8)

Oh, Patti Smith. This is the book where my audiobook thread flipped over to print. I started to listen to this about two months ago, but I adored Just Kids in print and felt like I was missing something without the text and images. Patti Smith is meant to be read. 

Favourite Quote/ Scene

Nostalgia, melancholy, aloneness, poetry, nomadic living ... I will read all of her books forever.

Truly, my favourite part of the book was when she woke up, found cat vomit on the floor, and cleaned it up before making herself coffee. That’s a work ethic/ commitment-to-cleanliness that I envy. 


What’s to deconstruct? It’s just honest, raw, flowy, introspective, coffee-fuelled goodness. She’s lost the people who were the biggest influence in her life, the people to whom she was deeply attached. Now, she’s roaming the world, sitting in coffee shops, writing in journals, giving speeches about explorers, snapping photos, slightly haunted. Equal parts rock ’n roll and domesticity. 

What’s Next?

Smith’s focus on her journals made me think about the craft of writing … I’m thinking of a highly-rated book that’s half-memoir, half writing tutorial.