Saul & Curtis - The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement (I)

I know The Stop program through friends. Everyone who supports or volunteers for the organization raves about its work, as well as the offshoot Community Food Centres Canada. I spotted this book in a local second hand shop and figured it would be a good read.

It’s a great introduction to the organization and exploration of the issues surrounding hunger in cities. The authors spend a great deal of time exploring the issue of food banks and whether they address roots causes (or “upstream” issues) or whether they mask the true depth of hunger and poverty problems. 

It’s written in the first person, without the kind of insidery exploration of nonprofit organizations that would have been fun fodder for Charity Case. But it’s an accessible way to tell the organization’s story and explain the issues they’re trying to address. A nice, local read. 

What’s Next?

More of the non-fiction, current, local focus … but with more water.